Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Histroy

One question I have always asked myself is this: why do we all function within society according to arbitrary rules? Neanderthals created these rigorous caveman rules, but somehow every living organism knows them and complies with them. Sometimes I believe that my mother is a direct descendent of the Paleozoic caveman because of her extraordinary ability to know and recite all the Neanderthal rules. She also insists that I know them by heart too. They must have been chiseled inside a cave and now, they are chiseled inside my head. For many years I did believe in them and conducted myself in accordance to these ancient rules. Maybe it was fear - fear that if I were to break any rule I would end up doomed for all of eternity. However, LOOKING AT THE PRESENT STATE OF MY LIFE, I BEGAN TO QUESTION WHICH ONE WAS WORSE.
Having finished University at the beginning of a recession - while doing absolutely nothing with my degree - it has become nearly impossible to break into FASHION journalism.  The only paying journalism job I have been able to pick up is a weekly column on an online magazine. Paying only TEN DOLLARS per column, it’s not something that is going to support my addiction to high priced luxury items. One great benefit with my low paying editorial has been my encounter with MY NEW STYLIST Sebastian. I had interviewed Sebastian at his downtown shop and claimed him to be the newest fashion entrepreneur in the city because of his brilliant concept of renting and selling high designer items at a discounted rate. Sebastian may be a tad flamboyant and outrageous with his own fashion sense, however what became downright annoying was his ability to often make me feel inadequate when it came to the fashion industry. What became more important, however, was that I kept a friend that has discounts on high designer items.
Being a part of the fashion industry in any sense meant one of two things: a large trust fund or a SUGAR DADDY. I have neither of these (well kind of).  On the other hand, Sebastian has an oilrig pumping in his backyard and the cherry on top: a drop-dead gorgeous boyfriend. No one actually knew that most of my items, such as the new hot pink Balenciaga bag (the new must have item according to all summer magazines), that I had purchased in Rome was all paid for on my line-of-credit, including the entire lavish Europe trip. Unlike my mother’s caveman rules I believed money was created for one purpose: to be spent…even when it’s hypothetically not mine........